Label Printing

A label is a tag, mark, or a brand written on a paper, cloth, or other material attached to a container or the product. Label is a brief description given for purposes of identification and information relating to the product.

Label Printing - Description:

Labels are being used in many different ways. Some are using it as the product identifier, while others are using it for the advertising, warning, and other type of communication. Several different methods are used to attach the labels with containers or the products like heat activated adhesives, pressure sensitive adhesives, string and shrink wrap. Labels can also be printed directly on the product or the container.

The most common use of labels is the brand recognition. Companies attach their own custom labels on their products. These labels contain the name and the logo of the company or their brand. These labels are of great importance. They depict the uniqueness and individuality of the company by differentiating it with other company labels. Like a music company or CD/DVD manufacturers may use their own CD labels, DVD labels printing and record labels to distinguish their products from other CD makers. These full color labels are also used as custom wine bottle labels, honey labels, sewing labels, medical labels, water bottle labels, fabric label or clothing labels and many others.

Labels are also used as the address labels (return address labels). These types of labels are used when sender, supplier or manufacturer of a product want to place his own address on the container or the product. These personalized address labels are also called mailing labels.

Some other uses of labels are as follows Another big use of the color labels is the price marking labels. Companies used their custom printed labels to indicate the price of their product.

Warning labels are used to warn or inform the customers about something.

Custom anniversary labels are used as the invitations of the anniversary.

Funny warning labels are used to warn in a funny way.

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